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At PHP, we work together as a team to help make your health insurance purchasing and use as painless as possible.

Our friendly staff is here to serve you.  If you have a question regarding plans, claims, payment, becoming a broker, credentialing or anything else, feel free to contact us.  We would be happy to help!

Not sure who to talk to?  Simply fill out our contact form, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Sales Team

Nick Mehdikhan Chief Sales and Marketing Officer 1-800-982-6257, ext. 368
Jim McCann is the Senior Account Executive at Physicians Health Plan.
Jim McCann Senior Account Executive 1-800-982-6257, ext. 333
Nancy Blake is the Senior Account Executive at Physicians Health Plan.
Nancy Blake Senior Account Executive 1-800-982-6257, ext. 365
Tim Budzielek Account Executive II 1-800-982-6257, ext. 548
Ava Lillmars is the Manager of TPA Services at Physicians Health Plan.
Ava Lillmars Senior Account Executive 1-800-551-7334

Service Team

Sally Stitzer Director of Group Experience 1-800-982-6257, ext. 331
Debra Hill-Masters Account Manager 1-800-982-6257, ext. 372
Jill Jozwik-Maggard Account Manager 1-800-982-6257, ext. 335
Tami Meeks Account Manager 1-800-982-6257, ext. 336
Connie Racette Account Manager 1-800-982-6257, ext. 332

Provider Relations Team

Susan Werner Director of Network and Provider Management 260-432-6690, ext. 528
Barbara Dickens Manager of Provider Contracting 260-432-6690, ext. 383
Dawn Dager Provider Contract Specialist 260-432-6690, ext. 304
Toni Simmons Credentialing Coordinator 260-432-6690, ext. 319
Karen Ternet Credentialing Coordinator 260-432-6690, ext. 394

PR & Marketing Team

Michelle Kearns is the Marketing Communications Director at Physicians Health Plan.
Michelle Kearns Marketing Communications Director 260-432-6690, ext. 463
Lea Ann Powers is the Public Relations and Brand Manager at Physicians Health Plan.
Lea Ann Powers Public Relations and Brand Manager 260-432-6690, ext. 554
Lindsay Bloom Community Health Specialist 260-432-6690, ext. 471
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