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By joining the Board of Directors with Physicians Health Plan, board members have input in comparing fees paid by competitors, medicare fees, and additional input based on our geographic area. Meet our dedicated board members pictured below and consider joining the PHP Board of Directors.

James C. Stevens, MD, FAAN is the chairman of the PHP board.
James C. Stevens, MD, FAAN Chairman Fort Wayne Neurological Center
Theresa A. Gutierrez, MD is the vice-chairwoman on the PHP board.
Theresa A. Gutierrez, MD Vice-Chairwoman Fort Wayne Pediatrics
Karl R. LePan is the secretary of the PHP board.
Karl R. LePan Secretary Northeast Indiana Innovation Center
Michael R. DeWald, CPA, is the treasurer of the PHP board.
Michael R. DeWald, CPA Treasurer Retired – Dulin, Ward & DeWald, Inc.
Timothy Dirig of Dirig Consulting is a PHP board member.
Timothy Dirig Dirig Consulting
Peter P. Fettig of Lincoln National is a PHP board member.
Peter P. Fettig Retired - Lincoln National Corp.
Judith L. Kennedy, MD is a PHP board member.
Judith L. Kennedy, MD PPG - Obstetrics/Gynecology
David E. Lentz, DO of Lutheran Medical Group is a PHP board member.
David E. Lentz, DO Lutheran Medical Group
Andrew W. O'Shaughnessy, MD is a PHP board member.
Andrew W. O’Shaughnessy, MD Nephrology Association of Northern Indiana
John Sampson of NE Indiana Regional Partnership is a PHP board member.
John Sampson NE Indiana Regional Partnership
Donald F. Schenkel of Tower Bank is a PHP board member.
Donald F. Schenkel Retired – Tower Bank
Joel C. Valcarcel, MD is a PHP board member.
Joel C. Valcarcel, MD PPG - Family Medicine
B.V. Prasad Mantravadi, MD Radiation Oncology Associates
Nicholai I. Kiehl, MD Parkview Physicians Group-Urology
David W Stein, MD Ear Nose & Throat Associates
James C. Wehrenberg, MD of Summit Radiology is a PHP board member.
James C. Wehrenberg, MD Ex-Officio Member Summit Radiology
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Want to become more involved as a member physician? By joining the Board of Directors, you have decision-making power to impact healthcare in the community.

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