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Temporary ID Card

Need a temporary ID card? Simply log in to the Member Portal, and select the Member ID Card icon from the menu. From there, you may view or print a copy of your ID card at your convenience. You can also order a new card to be mailed to you, as well.

Please show any provider your ID Card at the time of service. Your primary network(s) are displayed on the front of your ID card. Additional network information for traveling outside of Indiana is located on the back of your card.

Front of Insurance Card
Back of Insurance Card
Where do I go for care?

When you need care, your family doctor or pediatrician should be your first call, but when you can't get an appointment . . . then what? Deciding whether to go to a health clinic, urgent care clinic, or the emergency room can be a challenge. We're here to provide you with the information you need in order to make an educated decision you'll feel confident about.

Health Clinic

Typically clinics can be found inside of stores or pharmacies, like the Minute Clinic at CVS. Clinics are great for simple health issues such as earaches, colds, coughs, strep throat, flu shots, etc. They are usually staffed by Nurse Practitioners or Physician Assistants making them an economical option for your more routine health care needs.

Urgent Care

These clinics are generally required to have a doctor on-site. This allows them to treat a wider variety of injuries and illnesses such as upper respiratory infections, minor burns, sprains, cuts, and rashes. Simple lab tests and x-rays can often be done, but urgent care clinics should not be used for chronic conditions or emergency situations.

Emergency Room

An emergency room should be used for life-threatening or serious situations that may require a specialist or advanced testing. These situations may include heart attacks, strokes, serious injuries, extensive burns, or loss of consciousness. ER visits are generally the most expensive option, so it is best to save for extreme circumstances only.

What you need to know

You have questions . . . we have answers.

Not finding what you're looking for?  Browse our full list of FAQs or contact a member of our friendly customer service team!

How do I use Physicians Health Plan (PHP)‘s network provider directory?

Our provider directory helps you to find a doctor or a facility. Please be aware that this information is updated on a regular basis. To be certain a doctor is participating, ask the office staff prior to receiving care, or call the PHP Customer Service Department. Always show your ID card at each visit.

Is Physicians Health Plan my healthcare insurance company?

If your card has the PHP logo and purple coloring, Physicians Health Plan is your healthcare insurance company.

If your card is black and white with your company's name, Physicians Health Plan is not your healthcare insurance company. Your employer has a self-funded health plan and is financially responsible for payment of your benefits and determines what services are covered and at what benefit level. They have selected PHP Management Systems, Inc. (PHPMSI), a Third Party Administrator and a subsidiary of Physicians Health Plan, Inc., to manage and process medical claims on their behalf. Provider network participation may vary. Please refer to your Summary Plan Description or contact PHP's Customer Service Department for details.

What if I need medical care that isn’t available from a doctor participating in the network?

A referral to a non-participating doctor may be obtained if a uniquely specialized procedure is medically necessary and not performed by any participating doctors. This process must be requested by your participating doctor and approved by PHP, in writing, prior to receiving the services.

What should I do in case of an emergency?

PHP's definition of an emergency allows coverage for emergency room services that a reasonable person would consider dangerous to the patient's life or health. If a life-threatening medical condition occurs, call 911 or your local emergency service. If a non-life-threatening emergency occurs, contact your doctor for direction.

It is a good idea to discuss with your doctor what to do in the event of an urgent medical situation before it happens.

This is where a video about understanding the Evaluation of Benefits (EOB) will play.

Explanation of Benefits

Maybe you've received an Explanation of Benefits (E.O.B.) in the mail and are wondering how to interpret it. Don't worry - Kim also received an E.O.B. after a trip to the ER and it was really helpful. It's a simple explanation of the services you received and how much PHP covers.

Watch Kim's story for more details!

Fort Wayne YMCA filled with equipment for exercising and working out.

Member Discounts

Simply show your PHP ID card at one or more of the following organizations and receive a variety of special discounts just for being a PHP member.  That's PHP Easy!

  • Eastlake Athletic Clubs
  • Strikes & Spares Bowling
  • Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo
  • Honeywell Center
  • Fort Wayne Civic Theatre
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