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Groups have access to dental products through our vendor partner, Companion Life. Companion Life offers a variety of products for all size groups, which are available for purchase both with and without medical coverage. Companion Life’s voluntary dental plans offer you the freedom to choose any dentist, and are available to groups with three enrollees or 20% of the eligible group, whichever number is greater.

To find out more about our dental products, download our Dental Products Brochure.

Voluntary Dental through Companion Life

Companion Life’s Voluntary Dental Plans offer the freedom to choose any dentist, and are available to groups with three enrollees or 20% of eligible group, whichever is greater.

The Advantage Plan

$100 combined lifetime: Applies to all covered services.

Coverage for Preventive Services

100% of allowable charges: Services include: routine exams and cleanings-one every 12 months; bitewing x-rays-one every 12 months; fluoride treatment for children under age 19-one every 12 months; and emergency treatment for dental pain.

Coverage for Basic Services

80% of allowable charges: Six month waiting period; Services include: simple restorative services (fillings), and sealants for children ages 6 - 15 (one per tooth every 36 months).

Coverage for Major Services

50% coverage for certain services: Twelve month waiting period; Services include: Endodontics, periodontics, space maintainers, medically appropriate anesthesia related to covered surgery, teeth removal and other oral surgery, x-rays for the roots of teeth, and full-mouth or panorex x-rays (one every 36 months).

The Premier Plan

The Premier Plan covers everything included in the Advantage Plan, plus the following additional services:

  • Preventive Services: A second routine exam and cleaning every 12 months; a second bitewing x-ray.
  • Basic Services: No waiting period. Additional services include simple teeth removal; x-rays of the roots of teeth; and full mouth or panorex x-rays (one every 36 months).
  • Major Services: Major restorative services (crowns and inlays); prosthodontics (bridges and dentures); denture relines (at least six months after installation); and recementation and repair of crowns, inlays, bridges, and dentures.
  • Optional Orthodontia Services: Twelve month waiting period; no deductible; 50% coverage; $1,000 lifetime maximum; for children under 19 only.

Contract Year Maximum Benefit for both plans is $1,000 per person for all services.