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Smart Shopper Tool Box

Check out these tools to help you find in-network care and compare prices on services and medications. 

Pharmacy: Quick Tips to Save

Understanding your pharmacy benefit and how it works can save you money next time you head to the pharmacy. 


Stop and Compare drug pricing from location to location as prices can change monthly.

Swap your prescriptions for over-the-counter drugs, if possible.

Use generic drugs, whenever possible.

Look into mail order, it could save you money and time.

Pharmacy: Stop and Compare

Many times, drug prices vary from one retail location to another. Remember to check each time you refill a prescription, as the cheapest location can change from month to month.

To make it easier for you, we have a pricing tool available in your member account. Log on and go to Pharmacy > Price a Medication. From there you can compare medication from various locations, and see 1-month vs. 3-month supplies.

Pharmacy: Your Questions Answered

Here are answers to a few common pharmacy questions. Want to know more? View a complete list of questions here

How do I know what pharmacy to go to?

When possible, you should always choose an in-network doctor, hospital, or facility. Use our Find Care search tool to find the facility right for you.

How can I save costs at the pharmacy?

  • Stop and Compare drug pricing from location to location as prices can change monthly
  • Swap your prescriptions for over-the-counter drugs, if possible.
  • Use generic drugs, whenever possible.
  • Look into mail order, it could save you money and time.
How do I find the Price a Medication tool?

The Price a Medication tool is located within your member account. From the left hand menu, go to Pharmacy > Price a Medication.

What is a generic drug? Is it safe to take instead of the brand-name drug?

A generic drug is a copy of the original drug that is no longer protected by a US patent.  It is typically a drug that has been available for more than 20 years.  Generic drug manufacturers are allowed to produce these medications after the patent for the original brand has expired.  Generic drugs are less expensive than brand-name drugs since generic manufacturers have not had to invest in the research and development of the drug when it was brought to market.  Substituting a generic drug for a brand-name drug usually has no adverse effect.

Know Your Network

You have access to a PHP network of healthcare providers as part of your health plan. Where you receive care can greatly impact how much you will pay for healthcare services. Keep these three things in mind next time you need care:


Choose an in-network provider 

When deciding where to receive care, choosing an in-network doctor, hospital, or facility is always the best way to maximize your insurance coverage. 


Use the Find Care tool

Use our Find Care tool to search for in-network doctors and facilities when you need care. You can filter and sort your search to find a location near you, find a certain specialty, and more.


Have a student away at school?

We extend in-network coverage for dependent students when they are away at college. College students may seek treatment from providers near campus as if they are in-network doctors. Simply notify us that a dependent college student is living outside the service area by completing this quick form.

Where to go for care

When it comes to choosing where to receive care, your choices can make a big difference in terms of cost and convenience. Weigh your options and choose a level of care appropriate for the situation.

Telehealth(Parkview OnDemand)
Doctors Office
Urgent Care
Emergency Room
Copay/out-of-pocket expense to you.
The seriousness of illness or injury.
How quickly you can be seen by a provider.
When to use:


Treatment Cost Estimator

Costs for medical treatment can vary greatly depending on the facility and provider. Our online Treatment Cost Estimator provides estimates of both total costs and out-of-pocket expenses for common medical treatments and services. These estimates provide information to help you budget and select where you want to receive care. Log on to your member account and select My PHP > Treatment Cost Estimator. From there you can search using location, distance, service desired, and/or preferred doctor/facility. 

This feature is also available through the PHP Go! mobile app. To download, go to your phone's Apple App Store or Google Play and search 'PHP Go!'

LabCorp Benefit for PHP Members

As a PHP member, you have access to several routine lab services at no cost to you when using LabCorp locations. The following services may be included in (but are not limited to) your lab benefit: Blood tests, urine screenings, pregnancy tests, urine drug screenings (limited to 24 screenings per year).

To find a participating facility, visit our 'Find Care' page and enter your zip code search area and assigned network. On the next screen, type 'LabCorp' in the search bar to view all results. If you use alternative lab facilities for these services, your contract benefits will apply.

Member Resources

Here are a few additional resources to help you take advantage of free or low-cost services included with your PHP plan. 

Tips for Saving on Care

Getting the most out of your healthcare insurance coverage is important. Here are a few frequently asked questions that may help you maximize your benefits. Want to know more? View a complete list of questions here

Where do I find doctors, hospitals, and facilities that are in my network?

Our provider directory helps you to find a doctor or a facility in your network. Please be aware that this information is updated on a regular basis. To be certain a doctor is participating, ask the office staff prior to receiving care, or call the PHP Customer Service Department. Always show your ID card at each visit.

Why should I use in-network providers?

Where you receive care can greatly impact how much you will pay for healthcare services. By using an in-network provider, you will maximize your insurance coverage while keeping costly out-of-network expenses at bay. 

Are preventive services included in my PHP plan?

When using an in-network provider, certain preventive services are covered at no cost sharing to you. Use our Preventive Services tool located in your member account to see a full list of what is available to you.

Are there any tools to estimate costs before I receive services?

Yes, you can use the Treatment Cost Estimator tool located in your member account. This tool allows you to estimate both total costs and out-of-pocket expenses for common medical treatments and services, helping you find care that fits within your budget.