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PHP offers a wide variety of products - perfect for any business.

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Group Health

With group health products, employers pay premiums to PHP for coverage of benefits outlined in a contract, and PHP then pays the healthcare claims based upon this contract. With this product, the financial risk is transferred to PHP as the insurance carrier, and an employer can rely on a set monthly premium.

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PHP TPA Services

Groups of 25 or more employees are eligible for a customized self-funded plan instead of traditional group health plans. If you are interested in taking a look at a self-funded plan for your health benefits needs, contact PHP TPA Services today!

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An FSA provides a lower out-of-pocket cost for employees. This type of plan often lowers your payroll taxes, as well. An HRA works with a health plan to give you lower premiums and tax savings.

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Pharmacy Coverage

All of our PHP medical plans come with coverage for prescriptions and pharmacy needs. We want our members to get the most out of their healthcare insurance coverage. When understood and used effectively, the pharmacy benefit can save you money on the cost of prescriptions, maximizing your overall benefit.

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Through our vendor partnerships, employer groups have access to a range of dental plans to fit their needs.

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Cost effective vision coverage is offered through our vendor partners. We also include a vision discount program with every medical plan.

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Life & Disability Insurance

PHP offers life and disability insurance through our trusted vendor partners. Life insurance offers financial income to a named beneficiary in case of death. Disability insurance helps replace lost income due to a non-occupational accident or sickness.

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Is Self-Funded for Me?

Groups of 25 or more are eligible to pursue self-funded plans as opposed to traditional group health plans. With self-funded plans, you can cut out the middleman and likely save money because of it.

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