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From the PHP Team, Health & Wellness

What to know about onsite wellness screenings

Onsite wellness screenings are a great tool for employers to better understand the health of their team members, while also providing a convenient resource for employees.

Understanding the health of your employees can be crucial for the overall health of your business. Healthy employees are productive employees. One way to gauge the overall health of your team is to host an onsite wellness screening. Your insurance carrier may offer services to help you plan or organize an onsite wellness screening at your business. PHP clients have the benefit of our wellness department to make this an easy and seamless process. Here’s more about planning an onsite wellness screening with PHP, as well as some commonly asked questions about onsite screenings, in general.


What to expect from onsite wellness screenings

Planning and preparation

As PHP’s wellness coordinator, I do all the heavy lifting for our clients to help prepare for a successful event. We coordinate on a screening date and time, and on wellness screening vendor selection. PHP also creates and provides the following resources:

  • Marketing materials to encourage employee participation.
  • Access to an online registration system for employees to sign-up in advance.

Event day

Friendly, well-trained healthcare professionals will get set-up at your designated site to start conducting one-on-one wellness screenings. PHP clients receive the basic lab package at no cost, including:

  • Height, Weight and Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Blood Pressure readings
  • Lipid Profile (total cholesterol, HDL, LDL, Triglycerides, Cholesterol/HDL ratio)
  • A1C (Diabetes)

Additional lab tests, such as a TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone), PSA (prostate specific antigen), CRP (c-reactive protein), are available for participants to add onto their lab package. Available tests and pricing are offered during the registration process to add on to a member’s service.


Following the event, employers receive:

  • Access to an aggregate report of your employee populations’ health.
  • Recommendations and a wellness plan to make more informed decisions based on your employee population.

Get more out of your results

24-48 hours after the onsite screening, individual test results are posted within each participant’s wellness portal on the PHP website. PHP offers one-on-one consultations with our wellness coach at no additional cost to go over the numbers and help participants identify healthy habits they can continue building upon.


General FAQ

What is a wellness screening?

A wellness screening is a series of tests that offer insight into your employees’ overall health. Employees should expect a simple blood draw and biometric measurements (blood pressure, body mass index (BMI)). The entire screening process is completed in about 10 minutes by highly-qualified, trained and experienced staff.

Why should employers offer a wellness screening?

Wellness screenings can help provide early detection of potential chronic health risks, which could lead employees to make behavior adjustments that may improve their quality of life. Offering a wellness screening also gives employees a way to track their personal health.

How long does a wellness screening take?

The screening process is very efficient, averaging about 10 minutes per participant, resulting in minimal impact to an employee’s work day. Depending on the size of the event, 1-4 participants can be screened every 10 minutes, getting your employees in and out as safely and efficiently as possible.


FAQ for PHP clients

Who can participate?

PHP insured employees and their spouses also covered on the PHP plan are eligible for the wellness screenings. Employees not covered by a PHP plan are welcome to participate, but the employee or employer would be responsible for those charges.

Who are your wellness screening vendor partners?

PHP has a contract set up with the following wellness screening vendors: Complete Wellness Solutions (CWS), Parkview, Lutheran, Beacon Health, and Witham.

Is there a cost to the employer?

There is no cost to the employer for the biometrics and qualifying basic lab package for PHP insured employees and their covered spouses.

As mentioned above, employees not covered by a PHP plan are welcome to participate, but the employee or employer would be responsible for those charges.

Some vendors may charge a mileage fee, minimum participation fee, and/or day of registration fee, which all would be the responsibility of the employer. Reach out to PHP before partnering with a wellness screening vendor to help make the most cost-effective vendor choice. Our vendor rates are often less expensive than other local competitors.

What do employers need to provide?

A room to hold the event with tables and chairs will be needed. Employers are also encouraged to provide healthy snacks for employees to help break their fasting following the blood draw portion.

Is there an option to receive additional blood tests?

Additional blood testing beyond what PHP will cover in the basic lab package is available. Employees are welcome to add additional testing at their discretion, at their own expense. Add-on blood tests and pricing is available in the online registration.

How quickly can participants expect to receive their results?

Participants can expect to view their screening results in their PHP wellness portal within 24-48 hours. Participants should plan on sharing all results with their primary care physician.

Who will see the results?

Individual screening results are not shared with the employer; however, aggregate data may be shared with the purpose of discovering key health risks that impact the company as a whole. This helps identify potential next steps the company can take to reduce or improve those risks.

Will holding a wellness screening impact premium rates?

Holding a wellness screening will not affect your rates, but does have the potential to maintain or lower future rates if health issues improve. Wellness screenings provide opportunities for employees to identify health issues, possibly earlier when they are easier and less expensive to treat.

Overall, hosting a wellness screening is a great way to show your employees that you value their health and well-being. Employees enjoy the convenience of not having to leave the workplace to participate in the screening, and, as an employer, you’re taking the first step to identify potential health concerns you can center your wellness program around to make the greatest impact.

PHP clients: Contact Hannah Hoffman, PHP Wellness Coordinator, at or (260) 432-6690, ext. 471, to schedule your onsite wellness screening.