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Regain Your Fitness Motivation

Where is it? That one little thing that simply isn’t showing up anywhere at the moment. You got it - you’ve lost your fitness motivation. Here’s some ways to help get it back.

It happens to most people at some point: you’ve lost your motivation to exercise. Yes, it can be fun and exciting to start a new exercise routine, but it can also become difficult as time goes by, especially when the expected results have not occurred. Whether you’re bored with your current workout, struggling with changing weather, or facing lack of exercise buddies, regaining your fitness motivation is critical. If you’ve lost your motivation, or are in danger of doing so, check out these ideas to regain your fervor for fitness:


Switch It Up

Routine can be good until it’s boring. Sometimes we can get in a rut or even injure ourselves doing the same exercise over and over again. Find a new class or online workout and train

in a new way. Cross training, doing a variety of fitness formats, can help individuals beat the plateau, defeat boredom, and create a more balanced training program. So, if you’re stuck at a certain milestone, feeling bored, or noticing you’re not getting the overall results you desire, seek out something new.


Treat Yourself

Sometimes new workout clothing, some bright new shoes, a cool new workout tool, or even more comfortable socks can go a long way in reigniting our excitement to hit the gym. If you are excited to use a fitness-related item, you’re more likely to find an opportunity to use it.


Become a Social Butterfly

Working out with a group of likeminded individuals can rekindle your fitness drive. You can recruit some new workout partners who share your enthusiasm or encourage existing friends to join you in your activities. Do a class together, go on regular walks together, take turns creating workout plans together, or simply vow to meet each other on certain days at the gym entrance to hold each other accountable. Having a community of like-minded people surrounding you helps you to keep going on your goals.


Take On a New Challenge

One of the most effective ways to revive your fitness motivation is by embracing a new challenge. Step out of your comfort zone and try something you’ve never done before. Whether it is kickboxing, swimming, or Yoga, exploring a new exercise format can be both exciting and invigorating. This new challenge may be the perfect spark to relight your fire. As always, talk to your doctor before starting a new fitness regimen. Don’t let a rut of temporary boredom become an unhealthy habit that leads to feeling unwell.