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PHP in the Community, From the PHP Team

LOGAN: Meeting Families Where They Are

PHP Foundation grantee LOGAN brings innovation and collaboration to Michiana families they serve

Getting everyone ready and out the door. Scheduling drop-offs and pick-ups. Running kids from school to soccer to music lessons. A typical day for even a small family can quickly get hectic. Now, also factor in caring for, scheduling, and transporting a child with autism.


LOGAN understands how difficult this can be. For over 70 years, LOGAN Community Resources, Inc., has served adults and children with intellectual and developmental disabilities with residential services, day programs, employment services, and autism services. To help meet the growing autism needs, the Sonya Ansari Center for Autism at LOGAN has pioneered two community-based autism programs. These groundbreaking partnerships are with South Bend's Darden Elementary School and Boys and Girls Club of St. Joseph County.


Into the classroom at Darden Elementary


In a dedicated classroom at Darden Elementary School, school-age children on the autism spectrum in South Bend can now get the additional support they need while remaining in their school environment. This approach allows students to obtain the same quality services they get at LOGAN. But rather than pulling these students out of school, they can now receive insurance-funded Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) services delivered by a Registered Behavior Technician with oversight by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA), right in the classroom.


"Our ultimate goal for these children is to equip them with the skills to succeed full-time, in an inclusive classroom," said Dr. Joshua John Diehl, PhD., Chief Program Officer for Child and Adolescent Services at LOGAN.

Elevating youth services at Boys and Girls Club


Boys and Girls Club of St. Joseph County (BGCSJC) has partnered with LOGAN to launch a new program to enhance both organizations' youth services. In this program, LOGAN uses space at the Boys and Girls Club's primary location for insurance-funded ABA therapy services, provided by a Registered Behavior Technician and overseen by a BCBA. This therapy takes place during the school day, a time the BGCSJC space is not in use. Then, after school, the LOGAN clients have the opportunity to join the BGCSJC afterschool program.


"Partnering with the Boys and Girls Club of St. Joseph County allows LOGAN to deliver services for our clients in an ideal space and location." said Matt Harrington, President and CEO of LOGAN Community Resources, Inc. "Together, LOGAN and BGCSJC are helping families find the right services in more convenient locations."


Supporting services for healthier communities


These two innovative partnerships are helping to better serve the Michiana area, by bringing programming to the families that need services, meeting them where they are. Both of these new locations strengthen LOGAN’s relationship with the community, as well as accessibility and connections for their families.


PHP Foundation is a proud supporter of LOGAN Community Resources, and the impact that LOGAN makes to improve the health and wellness of St. Joseph County families and communities. Learn more about LOGAN at