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A Committed Company Culture

By: Lauren CaggianoBusinessPeople

Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana, Inc. (PHPNI) has developed a culture that is attractive to both employees and customers. Hear from PHP’s new Director of Sales, Julie Pantello on being a company committed to culture.

Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana, Inc. (PHPNI) has developed a culture that is attractive to both employees and customers.

PHP’s new Director of Sales, Julie Pantello, says it was clear from the outset that the company is communityminded and -invested, which translates to happier employees. The statistics speak for themselves: PHP’s average tenure is nine years and the company has 119 employees. Of that number, 18 employees have been there for twenty years or more (including one employee with 30 years of service).

Pantello says she hopes to join the ranks of these dedicated, longtime employees and is excited about the opportunities that lie ahead. The position calls for ample face time with clients—a skill which comes naturally to her.

“I want to promote the PHP brand and make it more involved with area employers and the broker community to develop relationships with both groups,” she says. “PHP brings a wealth of industry knowledge and experience to the table and offers a level of service to employers, brokers and consultants that is unmatched by large, national companies.”

Pantello, who has been in the insurance business for the last 30 years, sees her role as that of a consultant and relationship builder. That means helping companies make more of an impact on the health of their employees.

“We need to bring value to our clients and, by working with our broker partners, deliver an experience exceeding both the employer’s and the employee’s expectations,” she says.

Sometimes that value comes in the form of helping employers educate their employees so they can get the most from their health insurance plan. With targeted communication, wellness tools and resources, and employee education, employers can empower staff to become savvy, efficient healthcare consumers.

“With healthcare costs and deductibles increasing, consumers need more education about benefits and how to utilize them,” she says.

PHP is a local, not-for-profit social welfare organization. Through the PHP Foundation, the company supports indigent health care services like Super Shot, Matthew 25 Health and Dental Clinic and Neighborhood Health Clinics. A second objective of the PHP Foundation is health education. Health insurance is something not widely understood by the general population and PHP is planning to change that.

Original article appeared in BusinessPeople, 2016
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