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PHP is proud to be URAC accredited.

What is URAC Accreditation?

Content courtesy of URAC

Accreditation is an evaluative, rigorous, transparent, and comprehensive process in which a health care organization undergoes an examination of its systems, processes, and performance by an impartial external organization (accrediting body) to ensure that it is conducting business in a manner that meets predetermined criteria and is consistent with national standards.

Accreditation Information

Accreditation Status:  Full Accreditation
Accredited Since:  2013
Expiration Date:  11/1/2022

PHP in the Community

We work, live, and play in the same communities as you. Our commitment to improving your quality of life runs deep – think of us as the health insurance company next door.

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When we say we're here to help, we really mean it. PHP is a no-robot zone – that means when you contact us, someone from our Indiana office will be ready and happy to assist you.

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