PHP to Exit the Individual Product Market

Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana, Inc. (PHP) has decided to exit the Individual Indiana Marketplace AND our Individual product line for 2017.

An individual product member's 2016 coverage will not be changed or affected in any way and will remain in effect until Dec. 31, 2016. Members will be notified in more detail in September of PHP's decision, advising them of their options with advice to contact their insurance agent or broker for 2017 health insurance options.

Media Release
Decision Overview

Taking care of the Lives We Touch

We care about your healthcare needs. PHP understands the business of healthcare and knows how important good health is to the quality of life.

Our staff of service and industry experts work to keep members healthy and to promote active lifestyles. They are advocates for healthy outcomes when illness strikes, and will work with you to get the most benefit from your health coverage.

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