About PHP

About PHP

Founded in 1983, Physicians Health Plan of Northern Indiana, Inc., is a physician-sponsored not-for-profit health insurance company focused on preserving the community's access to quality, affordable healthcare. More than 29 years later, PHP remains locally sponsored and governed by area doctors and business representatives that are committed to supporting the patient/physician relationship and wellness healthcare options for better health choices.

We care about your healthcare needs. PHP understands the business of healthcare and knows how important good health is to the quality of life. Our staff of service and industry experts work to keep individuals, families, and businesses healthy and to promote active lifestyles.

Why PHP?

Freedom to Choose. We provide our members open access to over 12,000 network providers including doctors, dentists, hospitals and medical facilities. This means our members choose the healthcare provider they want to see, from primary care to specialists, without any special arrangements through the Plan.

Customer Satisfaction. PHP has earned a reputation for outstanding customer satisfaction among members, employers, and our provider network. PHP members are more satisfied with their overall healthcare and health plan than the average national consumers surveyed. Our goal is to simplify the otherwise complex issues of health insurance, and members are encouraged to call our Customer Service when they have a question or concern. Customer Satisfaction Survey results.

Preventive Healthcare. Our members benefit through coverage of a variety of tests and screenings, community discounts, and educational literature. Coverage includes mammograms, paps, immunizations, well baby care, colorectal and prostate screenings, and much more. Take advantage of our discounts with organizations such as the YMCA and the American Red Cross, and health information we share to help our members stay healthy.

Strength and Stability. It takes a strong, financially sound company to deliver outstanding service to its customers year after year, and PHP has been doing just that. Below is a link to an independent third-party financial evaluation organization that rates all insurers using the same rigorous criteria, providing a valuable benchmark for comparing insurers, regardless of the state or country they reside in.

A.M. Best Rating. A.M. Best's Ratings are recognized worldwide as a benchmark for assessing insurers' financial strength. Follow this link for PHP's current A.M. Best Rating.

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